Improve your plane with service kits

Maybe your aircraft has spots that need repairs or reinforcement. Hutch Aviation Inc has the service kits you need. Made up of Parts Manufacture Approval (PMA) parts, you can trust that our kits are effective and up to code. We ship internationally and even offer installation services.

Call 409-698-0021 now to get prices and details on our kits and installations. The kits that we manufacture are for the AD 2020-18-01, which requires a service kit to be installed on specific aircrafts. We are the only other option for this kit other that the OEM factory part. Our kits are priced considerably cheaper than OEM factory kit prices!

Choose from multiple kits

What are you looking to change on your aircraft? Our featured kits - all made for Cessna aircrafts - include:

  • SK172-147
  • SK182-115
  • SK206-42C
  • SK206-42D
  • SK207-19
  • SK207-19A
  • SK210-156
Your kit will come with 8130 traceability for the FAA. These provide an Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) to the Airworthiness Directive. If you want to ensure legal compliance, you'll either need an OEM Cessna kit or one of our kits. Order yours today.

service kits

Pictured is the SK182-115 kit